A family business established in 1950
Horrods back catalogue!
The Statesman, a 25 cwt Mastic Asphalt mixer mounted on the now unused turntable chassis. A very popular item in its day, the steering meant less wear and tear on the wheels, but for some towing this was particularly challenging. Especially in reverse!
60 Gallon Immersed tube Bitumen Boiler. A formidable beast in its day.
Installed into the CITB college Hackney for their training program this machine was fired by natural gas.
The fore-runner of the SwiftMelt. This Whirlpool mastic mixer was a groundbreaking design which subsequently became the basis for the design of the SwiftMelt but modified using better technology!
The old design shape of a static mastic asphalt mixer.
The Horrods bitumen boiler has a spun pan (no leaks from faulty welding). Although still available health and safety demands tend to prevent their use on most sites.
Another unit designed to make life easier on site. A 15 Gallon Bitumen Boiler mounted on a Turntable table trolley with a towing eye for site only. A bucket step to the rear, providing a safer decanting height. Sheilded bottle carriers to the front.
The Permatrack bridge-jointing mixer, one of a kind!
Safety First