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A family business established in 1950
The Team
Kim is, in her own words, a ‘Jack of all trades’. She has been with the company since April 1976, initially as a secretary/receptionist. She gradually took on more responsibility, along with her brother Terry. Kim now runs the company originally founded by her uncles, and taken on and run by her father, Terry Horrod Snr.
Terry, like sister Kim, proudly boasts that ‘Jack of all trades’ ability. Joining the company as a teenager in late ‘77, he is now the workhorse of the yard, designing equipment, overseeing the manufacturing process, and in general solving all the challenges our clients send us!
Welding Engineer Terry Jnr learnt the skills he now brilliantly uses to build the larger Hot Rubber Melters. His grandfather, Terry Horrod Snr, was particularly proud of his welding skills. He has been with Horrods, keeping the family tradition going into a third-generation, since 2001.
Welding Engineer Joining us in 2003, Thomas, another of the third- generation family, manufactures the Swiftmelt Mixers, fits and tests the electric & hydraulics to the machines, and sprays all the new equipment ready to be sent out to our customers.
General Manager Manufacturing bar burners not simply for our industry, but for the powder coating companies for their ovens. Donavan is our GAS SAFE ENGINEER , and manufactures all the Hand-Stirred melters. Donavan joined us in 2003. He is also self describes as ‘The Good Looking One’. But we agree!
Clerical Assistant Hayley covers the Accounts and all general office duties, also assisting in sales and the hire department, as well as organising transport. Hayley joined Horrods in 2009.
Welding Engineer Bill manufactures all the new Safety Melt machines, SMS2/4 & SMS5, and all the small plant, including Bitumen Boilers, asphalt cauldrons and 1½ Drum melters. Bill has been with Horrods since 2013.
Welding Engineer Sebastian came to us in 2016, originally as an agency worker to fill in for a member of staff who was retiring, but he has proven to be a great asset. He mainly does all the repairs to the Hot Air Rubber Melters, Asphalt Mixers and Swiftmelt mixers, as well as fully refurbishing second- hand machines.
Trainee Clerical and Administration Toni is our new starter; she is a complete novice in our industry. She previously trained and gained her AMSPAR in medical terminology. She then went on to work within the NHS and Private Health sector as a Medical Secretary for 10 years. However, Toni is now very excited to be Kim’s trainee,and eager to learn brand new terminology in the world of manufacturing roofing, and road equipment.
Terry Jnr