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A family business established in 1950
Training is Safety
Horrods have been training operatives on our equipment for years. The benefits to us have always been obvious. Knowledge enables operatives to not only understand how it works best, but to use the equipment properly keeping it in good condition. But safety goes beyond simply understanding the moving parts, it is a vital tool on every site across the country. Working better to improve and achieve more. Training 1. Increases efficiency 2. Increases safety 3. Increases durability
AYM are working alongside Horrods, striving to increase the industry’s health and safety awareness. By training and upskilling in-house, Horrods is handing the tools to companies and when requested, to subcontractor labour to achieve our goals. Many companies regularly attend hotmelt mixer training at our workshop in London. The training covers all aspects of Melter functionality, instructing on the correct operation, thus ensuring maximum safety for the users, but adding the benefits of using the equipment to its full potential. Horrods are driven to achieving this safety and awareness on all sites. Channelling the expertise of our valuable staff and the machines we design and build to give years of satisfaction, reliability, and efficiency. AYM participants found the course to be informative and professionally delivered – all whilst undertaken in a friendly, family business environment. We look forward to growing a skilled workforce alongside WJ Horrod.
We are always delighted to receive feedback and would like to thank Cork Airport safety & training supportfor this response to their recent operative training.
Our operatives here at Cork Airport were very happy with the onsite training provided by Terry Horrod. He was very detailed and thorough in every aspect of the training. Our operatives gained a great deal of knowledge from Terry and it will have long term benefits for them. His recommendations will become hugely beneficial. We would highly recommend the training provided by WJ Horrod Ltd to any firm seeking to improve their skills and safety in the use of bitumen boilers.
Safety and Training Support.
Safety is about everyone working for the greater good. With thanks to Hole World NZ we felt this feedback needed to be shared both as feedback, but also here, on our training pages.
G'day Kim, Just wanted to let you guys know how great the Swiftmelt has been (and continues to be) for me. We use it almost daily, and have learned that we do not need to empty it between jobs since it's effortless to reheat from solid/cold (that's largely due to the viscosity of Permatrack, which melts at a low temp). The simplicity and efficiency of this machine has been even more underlined by the fact I bought a 125kg Merlin mixer (to fit on my Ford Ranger pick-up) which, while very handy for small jobs, is nowhere near as efficient. Also, after 5 years of operation I've had virtually no problems with it... I had battery issues early on, but they were due to user error (leaving the ignition switch on) I had a diesel motor issue, which turned out to be stuck valves due to my lack of oiling them, and just recently, I had a small issue with the battery terminal melting. Lucky it was night time or I might not have noticed the glow from the terminal. It turned out that the positive cable had worn through and was shorting out on the housing for the ignition switch. Managed to destroy a battery, but solved the problem very quickly (taped up the cable, and sheathed it in a section of garden hose). That last one should be something for all Swiftmelt users to look out for during routine maintenance. Just check the wire. Given the relative cost of repairs, it's probably a good idea to double insulate this as I did. John Twigg General Manager Hole World NZ Limited m: +64 27 421 5214 a: 11D Hyland Pl, Waiuku, Auckland 2681 FAST :: STRONG :: SMART :: WELCOME TO THE REVOLUTION!
Safety First