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A family business established in 1950
Safety Melt Series Thermostat Controlled Bitumen Boilers
Outlet types available
Gate-Type/Banjo Outlet
partial example of static frame fitted with bolt-hole attachments.
This Thermostat controlled bitumen boiler has an especially wide loading chute to cater for materials supplied in larger boxes. With a fixed anti-splash lid, either static or trailer mounted the 50 gallon capacity offers plenty of range and with the control set to prevent overheating. Safety is built in! All Safety Melt Series Thermostatically controlled bitumen boilers should only be used in compliance with our instruction manuals.

The SMS4 is a Thermostat controlled bitumen boiler that comes complete with a

standard loading chute, a fixed anti-splash lid, and can be either static or trailer mounted.

The 50-gallon capacity offers plenty of range for larger or smaller jobs. Other models are

available. Temperature control ensures safety is built in.

Thermostat controlled appliances avoids the danger of ‘flashing’ and gives the safeguard

of no material degradation.

All machines should always be used in compliance with our instruction manuals. Regular

servicing and checks should be made to any machine using propane as a heating source.


The SMS2 was our first ‘trough-type’ thermostat controlled bitumen boiler.

It can be supplied mounted (illustrated) on 2 wheels making it easy to move around site, or on a static frame. Supplied in 25 or 50 gallon capacity and made to order.
Operating Instructions
Gate-Type/Banjo Outlet