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A family business established in 1950
Mastic Asphalt Mixers
Mastic Asphalt mixers have been a staple within the roofing industry. A larger option than the 10½ cwt cauldrons, and a more effective method of preparing the materials which are automatically stirred. Horrods have, throughout the years designed all manner of machines, which included a mastic asphalt mixer used to reclaim asphalt from a site used for munitions testing, This meant the reclaimed asphalt contained particulates of those munitions. As it was heated there would be minor ignition explosions. An image of this machine can be found here
Custom building the chassis of a vehicle to house a new or reconditioned mastic asphalt mixer is another string to the Horrods bow. Engineering the best for our clients!
Close-coupled wheel machines come in a range of sizes. From The Viceroy 12 cwt (left) to the 25 cwt ‘Statesman’ (above). We have also designed and manufactured a 3 ton capacity mounted on a towable trailer
Static mastic asphalt mixers are another variation. If the mixer is required for a certain location where a there is a weight stipulation the static machine can be dismounted from the vehicle and lifted where required. Static machines have no set size range, and can be quoted for all and any size.
Another project Horrods completed was this machine, fitted into the local Hackney college for the CITB training modules, the machine runs off of natural gas, has outlets that attach to the ducting and extractor fan. Still going strong!
The machines below were custom made 4 Ton Mastic Asphalt Mixers, oil-fired and mounted on a turntable chasis. These machines were
500kg Mastic Asphalt Mixer 2022 - This machine was another adaptation for our customers. It is the smallest static mastic mixer we’ve made to date. Versatility is always essential within our industry, we are always willing to advance our available range to assist our customers requirements. Operating instructions available upon request.
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