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A family business established in 1950
1. Below single Unit Hydraulic Agitation Direct Heat LPG radial burner.
2. Twin & Single Unit Oil-Jacket Thermostat Controlled with Hydraulic agitation.
3. Thermostatically Controlled Oil-Jacketed Pans, with hydraulic agitation.
4. Twin Thermostat Controlled Preheaters, hydraulic agitation fitted to a scissor lift on a custom built chassis.
5. Twin Preheater Units, shown on custom built chassis with scissor lift
6. The scissor lift expanding seen from rear of vehicle.
Variation and design according to customer requirements.
7. 40 Gallon Twin units with thermostat controlled LPG Burner.
8. 15 Gallon Capacity twin preheaters with Oil- Jacketed pans fitted with temperature gauges and oil expansion release apertures. Manual agitation.
Thermoplastic colour ranges: 3 units or spare, interchangeable pans?
9. Triple Unit shows ASRT60 Resin Mixers
10. 60 Gallon Twin Preheaters oil-Jacketed with hydraulic agitation with thermostat control mounted on purpose built chassis.
Single units static and trailer mounted
Specialized Applications
K-170 Bitumen Emulsion Units
ASRT60 Resin (antiskid resin twin 60 gal)
Whiteliners & Thermoplastic Pre-Heaters
K-170 Unit These machines were developed for this particular application yet in line with many of the products we design, test, and sell, they are capable of conversion to other products. The materials is heated by an immersed tube ‘kettle’ heating system.  K-170 Bitumen Emulsion K170 is a top surface dressing. It is used in country lanes, especially in areas likely to contract in winter and shrink in the heat of summer, such as Norfolk. Bitumen Emulsion K1-70 containing minimum 67% Bitumen, is commonly used for Tack-Coating. It is a medium viscosity cationic rapid-set bitumen emulsion used mainly for tack coating in normal overlay and patching work. Bitumen K1- 70 bitumen emulsion can also be used in grouting.
K-170 Bitumen Emulsion Units.
Safety First
Single to multiple units / Oil-Jacketed pans / Thermostatically controlled / Custom built vehicle chassis / Static / Trailer Mounted / Hydraulic or Hand agitation.